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Also this year the Bavarian Judo Association can record a positive trend among the participants of the open Bavarian Kata Championships. Kata couples not only from Bavaria,

but up to from Saxony, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Hamburg as well as from Prague (Czech Republic) found their way to Iphofen in Lower Franconia on November 20th, 2022. The judo department of the 1. FC Iphofen 1920 eV provided the appropriate conditions for a successful event.

Despite a few parallel events at higher levels such as the DVMM of the ID Judoka in Wiesbaden or the otherwise regular guests from Austria, who determined their state kata champions, the event was very well attended, which is also due to the positive trend in our own national association described above. The head of department Uli Weiglein and the mayor of Iphofen welcomed the approx. 60 participants, who started in different pairings, with the main part being in the nage no kata and the katame no kata.

But the adjudicators also play a major role in these championships and there was definitely something to offer in terms of personalities that the German “kata scene” has to offer. Stefan Bernreuther and Magnus Jezussek, two members of the EJU Kata Commission and the DJB Kata Commission, who commissioned Jochen Müller from Hesse and our BJV Kata, were also the President of the BJV, Klaus Richter, who himself has a DJB judge’s license, and the Vice President Popular sport Wolfgang Fanderl as a former member of the German national kata team. Also the federal judge and kata officer from Upper Bavaria, Volker Weberpals and Helmut Angerer in action. The first assignment by Moritz Schwob, who now wants to act as an adjudicator after his active time, was particularly pleasing.

Working in the background, Ronny and Jenny Skroblin and Heike Betz ensured that everything ran smoothly, providing technical support and entering and evaluating the ratings.

The youngsters also presented themselves with very good performances at the open Bavarian youth kata championships. Even though only one group of nage no kata would need to be performed in all rounds, all the young athletes demonstrated different groups.

Placed at the open Bavarian Kata Championships 2022

nage no kata

  1. ŠVIHLÍKOVÁ, Sára Josefína (Judo Academy Prague) – ŠNEIDEROVÁ, Anna (Judo Academy Prague)
  2. GANGL, Alina (TSV Eintracht Karlsfeld) – GANGL, Marlies (TSV Eintracht Karlsfeld)
  3. STUHLMANN, Jana (MTV Kronberg) – AHLRING, Marius (MTV Kronberg)

Katame no kata

  1. JEROMIN, Carolin Charina (Hansa Sportverein Stöckte) – ETTER, Martin (SV Police Hamburg)
  2. AHLRING, Marius (MTV Kronberg) – STUHLMANN, Jana (MTV Kronberg)
  3. WEINMANN, Birgit (TSV Abensberg) – WEINMANN, Helene (ESV Ingolstadt)

nage waza ura no kata

  1. SCHÜREN, Claudia (TSV Frauenaurach) – SPERA, Zdenek (TSV Altenfurt)
  2. AHLRING, Marius (MTV Kronberg) – STUHLMANN, Jana (MTV Kronberg)
  3. BAUHOFER, Andreas (JV Ammerland-Münsing) – WRABEL, Tamira (JV Ammerland-Münsing)

Kime no kata

  1. MEIER, Tobias (PSV Freital) – SCHRÖDER, Jörg (Yorokobi Radebeul eV)
  2. ECKER, Alexander (SV Lohhof eV) – DITTMER, Wolfgang (SV Lohhof eV)

Kodokan goshin jutsu

  1. BILLMEIR, Marion (TV Garmisch) – BILLMEIR, Jürgen (TV Garmisch)

Ju no kata

  1. WEINMANN, Helene (ESV Ingolstadt) – WEINMANN, Birgit (TSV Abensberg)
  2. FAGET-PROCOPEC, Helga (TSV Mainburg) – BIRNER, Heike (TSV Abensberg)
  3. LÓPEZ, Felix (1848 Erlangen) – EMILIUS, Karolin TV (1848 Erlangen)

Youth U18

  1. ŠVIHLÍKOVÁ, Sára Josefína (Judo Academy Prague) – ŠNEIDEROVÁ, Anna (Judo Academy Prague)
  2. SERGEL, Hannah (TV Miesbach) – WASSERMANN, Theresa (TV Miesbach)
  3. NAGELSCHMIDT, Nicolas (JV Sulzbach-Rosenberg) – NICOLA, Simon (JV Sulzbach-Rosenberg)

Text: Heike Betz

Pictures: Gunther Wirsing; Manuel Schlee




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