No one can stop the Federation

The Sports Federation got its seventh victory in a row to continue leading the positions of the first division women’s basketball tournament, beating Domingo Savio as a visitor 58-37. In the remaining match Petrochemical defeated Municipal Pueyrredón.

The girls of the “Fede” maintain the high level they showed in the Apertura and are heading for a new title, because they continue to win and reveal a lot of excellence for the local tournament, in a team that was formed after participating in a competition of higher hierarchy.

On the date that passed, the Moscow team prevailed very well over Domingo Savio, who finished with a record of 2-4, in the gymnasium of School 731 in the Pietrobelli neighborhood. With this new celebration, it is outlined to stay with the regular phase and settle in the final match, being Gymnastics, which had a free date, the one with chances of securing second place in the regular phase.

For its part, Petrochemicals is excited to continue climbing and fight for the second step, after the good victory it obtained against Municipal Pueyrredón, which was at the bottom of the positions.

In the auxiliary of Partners
Founders, female
First Gymnastics 32 – Nautical Rada Tilly 56
Friday, first female
In the gym at School 731
Sunday Savio 37 – Sports Federation 58
In the Commodore Cement
of km 8
Municipal Pueyrredon 42 – Petrochemical 54
In the Founding Partners, female
U–15 Gymnastics and Fencing 50 – Nautical Rada Tilly 11
U–13 Gymnastics and Fencing 56 – Nautical Yellow 26
U–17 Gymnastics and Fencing 75 – Nautical Rada Tilly 16

In the Diego Simon
U–13 Bordó Federation 40 – Green Gymnastics 60
U–15 Bordó Federation 30 – Green Gymnastics 79

In Nautical, Development Zone
U–15 Náutico Negro 103 – Domingo Savio 32
U–13 Náutico Negro 105 – Domingo Savio 42
U–17 Náutico Negro 64 – Domingo Savio 54
En Náutico Rada Tilly
10:00 U–15 Náutico Amarillo – White Federation
11:30 U–13 Náutico Amarillo – White Federation
13:30 U–17 Náutico Amarillo – White Federation
15:00 U–15 Nautical R. Tilly – Federación Bordó
16:30 U–13 Náutico Amarillo – Bordó Federation
18:00 U–17 Nautical R. Tilly – Federación Deportiva
in the CAI
11:00 U–13 CAI – White Gymnastics
12:45 U–15 CAI – Gymnastics White

Mini basketball
In the Diego Simon
10:00 Bordó Mini Federation – Green Gymnastics
11:00 Pre Mini Bordó Federation – Green Gymnastics
12:00 Cebollita Bordó Federation – Green Gymnastics
13:00 White Mini Federation – CAI
14:00 Pre Mini Blanco Federation – CAI
15:00 White Federation Onion – CAI



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