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Presenting a proposal for refurbishment for the next off-season, it will be allowed to use it as it is from the opening

On the 14th, Nippon-Ham is building a new stadium in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, called “Escon Field Hokkaido,” which is scheduled to be used from next season. 18.288 meters), and announced an apology comment in the name of Koji Kawamura, the president and acting owner of the baseball team.

This part of the new stadium was designed with a distance of 50 feet (about 15.18 meters), and the NPB pointed out that it did not meet the standards set by Japan’s official baseball rules. On the premise that the stadium will be renovated to meet the rules next offseason, it was approved at the 14th team representatives meeting on the 14th to use the stadium as it is next season.

Regarding the reason for this misunderstanding, the team said, “FSE (Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd., which built the stadium) and our team had insufficient interpretation and recognition of the official baseball rules, and they could have I understand that I should have realized this matter myself and consulted with the relevant parties.”

Specifically, we received an explanation from HKS, which designed the new stadium, that there would be no problems in MLB, which conforms to the “OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES” of the United States. “We have reviewed the original text of the OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES and interpreted the 60-foot distance from home plate to backstop as recommended.” Is distance recommended or mandatory? This was due to differences in interpretation of the rules between Japan and the United States.

In addition, the team’s announcement is as follows.

〇Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Koji Kawamura Representative Director, President and Acting Owner

We would like to sincerely apologize for causing concern to our fans and related parties regarding the issue with the standards of S-CON FIELD HOKKAIDO.

Escon Field HOKKAIDO is based on the concepts of “fans’ joy” and “a new style of watching games,” and has a sense of realism based on examples of MLB, such as ordering the design from FSE to an American design company with a proven track record in MLB ballpark design. However, there were problems in the process, such as inadequate confirmation and consultation regarding the differences in rules between Japan and the United States. Therefore, at today’s meeting of representatives of the 12 teams, we apologized and explained that we would cooperate with the FSE to proceed with a renovation plan after the 2023 off-season in order to meet the standards of the official baseball rules. We have been allowed to start the 2023 season at Escon Field HOKKAIDO and use it after that.

Our team will continue to make solid preparations for the start of the season in 2023, and will continue to make every effort to develop the baseball world and improve fan service.

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