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[Professional baseball news]On November 26, Nippon-Ham announced the jersey numbers of new players. Kota Yazawa, who was drafted 1st, was selected as “12”.

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On November 26, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters announced the jersey numbers of new players.

Kota Yazawa, the number one draft pick, was named 12. “12” is the number worn by Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, who won the lead hitter this season. Shoma Kanamura, who was second in the draft, was decided to be “24”, which was carried by Yuki Nomura, and the numbers of the main players were taken over to the first and second drafts. In addition, it has already been announced that Matsumoto will change the uniform number to “7” and Nomura to “5”.

3rd place Gosho Kato, who is expected to be an immediate force, is “3”, 4th place Kano Anzai is “54”, 5th place Daiki Narama is “58”, and 6th place Miyauchi. Haruki was decided to be “62”.

The uniform number list including training players is as follows.

<Under Dominion>
1st place: Kota Yazawa “12”
2nd place: Naomi Kanemura “24”
3rd place: Gosho Kato “3”
4th place: Anxi Yexiang “54”
5th place: Daiki Narama “58”
6th place: Haruki Miyauchi “62”

1st place: Fujita Daqing “125”
2nd place: Zhongshan Jingliang “126”
3rd place: Ataru Yamaguchi “127”
4th place: Akihiro Yamamoto “128”

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