NFL: Surreal ejection of an NFL star from a plane: was he unconscious or did not want to wear his seatbelt?

Une of the ‘wonder boys’ of the later modern stages of the NFL experienced an episode that cannot be defined in words. Odell Beckham Jr., one of the most talented receivers of all time in American football, was thrown from a plane. So far, everything more or less normal. But the reason blows everything up, because from the player’s close circle they point out that it happened because he was not wearing a seatbelt, while from the police because he was unconscious inside it.

‘OBJ’ finds himself without a team after the very serious knee injury he suffered in the last SuperBowl that his Rams beat. While deciding between the various siren songs (mainly coming from Giants or Cowboys) that reach his ears, he was in Miami., where he saw an NBA game. When I intended to return to Los Angeles -a flight lasting about five hours- everything jumped.

In the first moment, Beckham Jr. was reported to have been thrown off a plane. Miami-Dade County Police explained that the crew wanted him to buckle up, but the player in his seat had lost consciousness. That caused the flight delay. They notified the police who tried to get him out of there because with that trip he could get worse. Given the refusal to the crew, it was the security forces that managed to get the player out. The flight left later, logically.

But Daniel Davillier, lawyer for the ‘wide receiver’, has another justification. “An overly forceful flight attendant kicked Beckham Jr. off the plane,” he recounted. He said the plane was delayed and the player fell asleep. They asked him about his belt and he said that as soon as he woke up. The answer was that it was late and that he should get off with the rest because of him, but he could not return. Davillier pointed out that “the maid wanted to show her power by expelling him without reason. Falling asleep will never be a reason for expulsion, because they could have waited for the plane to leave the gate again.

Unbelievable, but true. Until the player manifests nothing will be clear. “Comedy time,” he said on his twitter. A star, who is still looking for shelter in a team after recovering from his serious injuries, in a scandal of uncertain motive inside an airplane. Almost nothing to the device…



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