NFL: an injury less worse than expected for Zach Wilson

The New York Jets had quite a scare when they saw their quarterback Zach Wilson fall in action in the preseason game on Friday night. Injured in the right knee, he should miss two to four weeks of activities.

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It was while running the ball in the first quarter of a duel against the Philadelphia Eagles that the second-year player was injured. According to what was reported on Saturday the New York Post As a result of his magnetic resonance imaging exam, he suffered a minor meniscus tear and bruise, which is a less serious injury than expected for the Jets.

He will still have to be operated on, and it is at this time that the true duration of his absence can be specified.

In 2021, in his first season in the NFL, Wilson appeared in 13 games, throwing nine touchdown passes and making 11 interceptions. He racked up 2,334 yards through the air, completing 55.6% of his stints.

The second overall pick in the 2021 draft missed four games last season with a posterior cruciate ligament injury in the same knee.



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