New Panama collection inspired by the Soccer World Cup

The world is at its peak, already on the second date of the most important soccer tournament in the world and there are several selections that they are demonstrating why they came and others simply remain the same. Panam one at the World Cup fever in Qatar so that you outfit show your inner fan with the new World Cup 2022 collection.

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On this occasion the urban brand beloved by Mexicans, presents its collection World Cup 2022so you can support your favorite team through its clasic design the 084 Champion and two other unique models, which will make you live the emotion in each of the matches.

Of course, for this 100% Mexican brand, the garments and tennis shoes that pay tribute to our flag stand out in this collection, with a t-shirt, sweatshirt and three different tennis constructions, for all tastes and ages.

This collection arrives to represent the favorite world teams among the public and the big winners of the last editions of the World Cup:


Panama launches World Cup 2022 collection


Panama launches World Cup 2022 collection


Panama launches World Cup 2022 collection


Panama launches World Cup 2022 collection

Al world He still has a lot of history ahead of him, to see the best plays and goals of the players bigger than world. Enjoy the next eighth of the world and celebrate each goal of your team with the World Cup 2022 collection.

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