NBA: The umpteenth wonder of Wembanyama, who dominates the French League at the age of 18

Victor Wembanyama, future number 1 in the NBA draft, continues to amaze the world. In the last meeting of him he left another amazing play. The 2.20-meter, 18-year-old Frenchman raised the ball, demonstrating the ball handling and skill of a point guard, got rid of his defender and went in search of the basket. Despite being somewhat heeled to the left, he threw the ball high against the backboard and ended up falling into the basket. Indefensible.

It was an action within his last recital, in which he was once again decisive in the victory of Metropolitans 92 over Nanterre, the team in which he grew up, 92-85. Wembanyama had 30 points (9/14 on 2-point shots and 1/5 on 3-pointers), nine rebounds, five blocks and a PIR of 30 in the 36 minutes he was on court.

The young prodigy has his team as the leader of the French League with a record of 7-1. They lost in the season opener, but have done nothing but win ever since. he l he leads the competition in points per game (22.4) and efficiency (25.5), while he is the second highest rebounder (8.9). The NBA, which has bought the rights to its games in France, rubs its hands before his arrival next season.



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