NBA – Paolo Banchero: “Italy at the World Cup? Extraordinary. For me it would be a great opportunity but I have to think about it carefully”

Italy’s qualification for the 2023 World Cup in Asia is an incredible result and obviously a lot of enthusiasm was generated, also because anyone’s first connection was to be able to participate in the World Cup with in team too Paolo Bancherothe young star of the Orlando Magic that has Italian passport and who has repeatedly reiterated his desire to play with the blue shirt. He spoke about it himself in an interview with the newspaper Il Messaggero: “I have to talk about it with my team, my agent, my family. It would be a great opportunity, definitely, I can’t deny it, but there is still time to go. I have to think about it and discuss it with those around me“.

Banker is just beginning his first NBA pro season with the Orlando Magicis currently out due to injury but in general the National it’s not his priority. The possibility remains open that he will also be called by Team USAbut it is not excluded that everything is further postponed in key Paris 2024 Olympicsprecisely because everything will depend on how the Seattle native concludes his first season and how the summer will be planned in view of his second year among the professionals.

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However, the boy says he is delighted with the goal achieved by them Azzurri: “Italy at the World Cup? It is an extraordinary result, not only for the team but for the whole country. It’s something I’m very proud of. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the game because I had to prepare for a match against the Magic. Watching the Azzurri play from the outside, however, I can say that I like their style on the parquet, it’s a very exciting basketball that inspires me a lot“.

An answer from him will not happen soon, certainly something will be understood after December 3rdthe day in which Paolo Banchero should meet the Italian delegation that will fly to Florida with, among others, the president Gianni Petrucci and the ct Gianmarco Pozzecco.

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