NBA LIVE Mobile Saison 7-Update

Welcome to NBA LIVE Mobile Season 7, the latest version of NBA LIVE Mobile, coming later this month! This update explains what will carry over into Season 7 from Season 6 when Season 6 and some of its features expire, and gives a first look at Season 7 content!

Let’s start with the things that are carried over. YOU KEEP:

  • NBA Cash + Coins
  • player
    • You can only use these as part of a multi-year lineup to give you an edge in some of our more difficult events. They are not included in any other listing.
  • Jerseys, courts and boost items

Any additional players, jerseys, courts, and boost items that take your account past the current item limit of 1350 items will be removed. It’s in your best interest to declutter your collection by removing excess items from sets to ensure you have all the items you absolutely want to keep. During the Season 6 rollover, all items above the item limit (starting with the lowest tier items) will be removed and converted to credits. We don’t have a specific table for the number of credits per item as this varies. Further details on this will be announced at a later date.

Now let’s talk about the things you can’t take with you. YOU WILL NOT KEEP:

The following Season 6 items will NOT be retained in Season 7:

  • Collectibles (tokens)
  • Styles objects

Your Coins, Collectibles, and Styles items will NOT carry over into Season 7. To ensure that you are still rewarded for your hard work, these items will be converted to credits during the rollover. Credits are used in Season 6 to purchase store packs that give you a head start. The number of credits you get for Season 6 is based on the value of the items on your account.

With some exceptions, the values ​​are calculated as follows:

10,000 coins : 1 credit
Bronze-Token: 1 Credit
Silber-Token: 2 Credits
Gold-Token: 3 Credits
Elite-Token: 4 Credits
Ultra-Token: 5 Credits
Royal-Token: 6 Credits
Super-Token: 7 Credits

closure of the shop

With the end of Season 6 approaching, we are closing the auction house on 21. November 2022. No new auctions will be possible from this date to ensure ongoing auctions can be completed by the start of Season 7.

Preparing for the tip off

In order to provide the latest content, we need to temporarily shut down the game servers to ensure a stable gaming experience. The planned downtime starts a few days before the release and will be announced shortly. The game will be unavailable during this time, but please follow us on social media to find out when Season 7 officially goes live!



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