natural law

Everyone pretends not to know why Xavi hangs out with Gavi and Pedri in Spain, if in Europe with those he only gets them kicked out of competitions. The secret is natural law, by which Xavi’s leveraged Barcelona must naturally win the League to deleverage and bring Messi back with his World Cup, once we know, through the mouth of Al Thawadi, organizer of the Qatar , that paradise of Xavi, which for them “would be very special” to see the old Argentine devil lift the trophy as the most natural thing, understanding the natural as a dead end: the one that in Aesop’s fable sees the fox (“I see many footprints going in, but none going out”) before the lion’s den. When the woke movement thought it had hammered the last nail in the coffin of natural law, the VAR came and rescued it under the pretext of Pedro Ruiz’s moviola applied by Iglesias Villanueva, who goes from town to town with his briefcase for the instruments (rulers, squares, brackets) like the executioner of Berlanga. Mr. Iglesias does the autopsy in the Valencia-Barcelona VAR on a Saturday, and the next day, Sunday, with the rush of bullfighting figures in the festive summers of Spain, he stands in the Bernabéu VAR to do the Real Madrid-Girona, name, Girona, which asks for a VAR of academics for the commentators, who see Getafe and read “Jetafe”, but who see Girona and read “Yirona” or “Chirona”. The same absurd criterion that is applied to the prosody of names is then applied to the rhapsody of penalties, whose doctrine is cradled in the arms of natural law. Mano in the Madrid area: natura naturans or natura naturata? A fan of the study of anatomy, like Leonardo, the former Iturralde, who goes from Cardinal Belarmine to arbitration, is clear about the distinction between a natural hand and an unnatural hand, but he does not go into defining them. If you don’t ask me, I know, but if you ask me, I don’t know. They would come to be like the Invisible Hand of the market that the Liberals sell. “The natural law is part of the law of England… prior to any judicial or civil law in the world… it is immutable and cannot be changed,” said the intrepid Justice Coke. On the other hand, in the VAR of the Iglesias Villanuevas, natural law tends to change several times even in the same match, always against football, where everything beautiful that happens, which is not much either, goes to limbo because of the hair of a shrimp . I wish an Elon Musk would buy the Teban League just for the pleasure of seeing him kick the VAR picky eaters like he kicked the Twitter picky eaters. The court that sentenced Galileo is a petition table of the Red Cross next to the Rubiales Integrity Committee, the Lawrence of Arabia of our football, which wants to give Ancelotti a package of four games (“I’ll give you a package! », was the most repeated sergeant threat in the military) for saying that Asensio’s penalty was not a penalty, but that he ignored the opinion of the rival coach, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Muñoz ‘Míchel’, who said that Rodrygo’s goal was goal . Rubiales sanctioning Ancelotti for being inelegant is the ethic that Spain exports today to the world and that was proclaimed by Rubiales himself when his thing was: “If we are 47 million Spaniards, we have 47 million ethicists.” And, seen this way, 94 million natural or unnatural hands in the penalty areas. Rubiales was elevated to the category of Marvel hero by his economic visavises with Piqué, the center-back with an IQ of 140, who is retiring from football without telling us what he had prepared for winning the Champions League at the Bernabéu, a catastrophe that Mourinho, the coach, avoided , recognized by Piqué himself, who “changed history.” -How lucky you were the year that Inter eliminated us, that the final was at the Bernabéu. He had one ready!… Piqué shared his famous IC with Messi in training, with Sergio Ramos in the Regional Combination and with Rubiales, Rubi, in business. He seems to be the natural substitute for Laporta at the head of the culrada (“President! President! President!”), Well, such a smart guy cannot retire without having a beneficial calculation of the pension tied up. In Spain we have two employed pensioners (natura naturata), Hazard and Lewandowski, and a self-employed pensioner (natura naturans), Piqué, nothing to do, by the way, with the minister who snoozed Bush at the airport. On Saturday, against Almería, Piqué and Lewandowski played with a penalty like Zouma with the cat, proof of the ‘boomer’ humor that unites the Catalan and the Pole. “Nature is a word concocted to provoke as many misunderstandings as possible” in all kinds of theories, Sir Leslie Stephen, the father of Virginia Woolf, warned us. Wales or Cymru While in America a Bale header propitiated the MLS title for his team, Los Angeles FC, in Wales, his country, the football federation is working to change the name of Wales, in English, to Cymru, in Welsh, although they will go to Qatar as Wales, because they no longer have time to change their card. Arthur, Lawrence, Tom (Jones), Bonnie (Tyler), Catherine (Zeta-Jones) and of course Gareth are Celts, with a reputation for being undisciplined and golfers.


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