National proud! In third place was the Venezuelan team in the most important regional golf tournament

The South American Team Championship ‘Copa Los Andes’, a contest that began in the new field of the Porto Alegre Country Club in the south of Brazil, featured the participation of the Venezuelan team, finishing third in the championship.

Made up of Vanessa Gilly, Stephanie Gelleni, Ivanna Flores, Claudia Perazzo, Agatha Alesson, Virgilio Paz Valdes, Santiago Quintero, Diego Neira, Juan Ignacio Yumar, Gustavo Morantes Punceles, along with their captains, Mario Miguel and Raul Sanz Arcaya demonstrated an excellent level that fought for the Cup of the most important regional golf event.

In men’s, the men’s team completed 12 big points to be in third place, tied with Colombia, which was in second place, and Brazil, in fourth place due to tie-break items.

In ladies, the Venezuelan team with 12 points ranked third behind Colombia (15) champion of the cup again and Argentina (14) in second place.

The Venezuelan Golf Federation sent a congratulatory message to the Venezuelan team “we congratulate our representatives for their great performance in the most important team event in South America, which this year took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil.”



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