Nakashima survives a great Arnaldi

The American gets the first win. Nakashima has known how to suffer and prevail over a rocky and inspired Arnaldi (2-4, 4-3(7), 4-3(3), 3-4(3), 4-2).

tournament draw

tournament results

The third duel of the first day in the Next Gen ATP Finals faced Nakashima contra Arnaldi. In that group Lehecka had won the first victory after beating Passaro in the opening match. Nakashima this time was the big favorite but he was facing a player who had grown a lot in recent weeks and who came with a lot of confidence.

Nakashima takes the win

Brandon began suffering and it is that Arnaldi started very solid and playing deep bothering the American who made many unforced errors. Thanks to a break, Arnaldi got the first set on track and without problems, 4-2, he won the first set.

Arnaldi was not going to lower the piston and it is that with the mood of the public he was very connected. The Italian gave a blow in the game in the fifth game after a break and kept the service to close the second set. He came to have two partial balls with his service but Nakashima saved them and won the gold point for force sudden death.. The American was again on the ropes, but after saving another three balls from being against him he was able to take the second set.

More equality existed in the third quarter and it is that not a single break ball was seen. Arnaldi took the initiative on the scoreboard but Nakashima put the tables. Once again they went to a tie break and this time Nakashima was better and also took the third set. In the fourth set they went to a tie break again, but this time it was Arnaldi who was inspired and ended up forcing the fifth and final set. The American finally for the small details thanks to a break in the third game and the confirmation of him could finish for 4-2 the match and take a first victory against a rival that has shown that it has another great future ahead of it.



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