Muay Thai: Tarantini team dominates the Fight Club

The Fight club championship is branded Tarantini. In fact, it was the athletes of the Sassari gym who won most of the MMA matches which, on 12 November, took place inside the octagonal cage of the Training Center in via Venezia in Sassari. Medu Mbengue, Morgan Capocci, Matteo Dore and Andrea Pazzona climbed to the top step of the podium.

There were ten explosive MMA matches of the evening: 5 from the under card and 5 from the main card. From the first to the last, however, they were meetings that immediately triggered the adrenaline. Worth noting is the return of the general public after two years of living behind closed doors or with restricted admissions. And the audience supported, from start to finish, the warriors who clashed inside the cage in the appointment held under the aegis of Federkombat and the Regional Committee.

Special performance offered by Matteo Dore (Tarantini) who brings home the victory in two really difficult matches: the first against a fierce Gilberto Sitza (Alias ​​team Iglesias) and the second against Nicolò Marcialis (Rga Cagliari). Two stellar matches that showcased the excellent technical skills of Tarantini’s pupil, who demonstrated that he can juggle Muay Thai, judo, boxing and wrestling in an excellent way.

Also highlighted was the very young Medu Mbengue, also from the Tarantini team, against Gianluca Carta (Wolf Pack Cagliari). The athlete of Senegalese origins has managed to impose himself more than once, taking advantage of the chances to strike from his opponents. Mbengue then repeated himself in the main match against Danilo Gungui (Mat Side Nuoro), his opponent also in the number nine edition of the Fcc.

A match with no holds barred between Simone Manca (Alias ​​team) and Morgan Capocci (Tarantini). The first two rounds were very balanced in which the two athletes certainly did not spare themselves. Capocci found more than once the opportunity to score against his opponent, bringing home the victory. Always Capocci, on the other hand, did not repeat the victory in the match with Nicolò Marcialis (Rga). The Sassari native, who had won the first round, was forced to leave the ring due to a sudden drop in pressure.

Meeting with many sparks, the one between Adrian Marchinian (Urban Arena di Gallarate) and Andrea Pazzona (Tarantini). There is a significant height difference between the two, but this didn’t create problems for the Sassari native who didn’t let himself be intimidated by his opponent. Pazzona immediately went on the attack and showed excellent boxing skills, alternating with judo techniques that allowed him to throw Marchinian more than once. And it was precisely the ability to dictate the rules inside the cage that earned him the victory.

Also noteworthy is the only knockout of the evening, the one inflicted by Michele Chiai (Wolf Pack) on Federico Piu (Rendoki Sassari) almost at the end of the third round.

Daniele Leoni (Wolf Pack) brings home the victory in a match that saw him mainly engaged in ground fighting with Riccardo Schirru (Rendoki) from Sassari.

Satisfaction with the result was expressed by Angelo Tarantini, promoter of the Fcc: “The movement is growing – he underlined – the response from the public in our small stadium was excellent and all the schools in Sardinia did their best to the success of this event. The 11th edition of the Fcc will return to Sassari on 21 January 2023.

Opening the Fight club championship 10 show were the children of the Chang Peuk of Selargius who performed in Muay Thai matches. Diego Lobina, Luca Manchia, Leonardo Mascia, Pietro Arcamone, Fabio Mascia and Andrea Delias crossed boxing gloves under the watchful eye of their master Gianluca Carta.

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