MMA | He’s outside. The former champion was freed from prison by millions, he still faces a life sentence

The life of the former champion of the most famous fighting organization does not write a happy scenario in recent months, but a really cruel one. In February of this year, Velasquez was arrested after allegedly shooting Harry Goulart, who allegedly molested the American’s four-year-old son. Three people were sitting in the car at the time of the shooting, the bullet eventually hit Goulart’s stepfather, who was taken to the hospital, but survived the unfortunate incident.

Revenge with a gun in hand took ugly revenge on the former fighter. Since his arrest, he has appeared in court three times, never asking for bail. It was only now that the deposit of $1 million from lawyer Mark Geragos was approved by Judge Bocanegra and Velasquez was granted freedom. However, the American is far from victorious and continues to face ten charges, including attempted murder, and in the worst case he faces up to life in prison.

“I wouldn’t have released you if I wasn’t convinced that you could be dangerous after eight months behind bars. Especially to Harry Goulaert, Patricia Goulaert or Paul Bender. But if you are such a devoted husband and father, I have to believe and am convinced that you will not break the law. I hope you won’t prove me wrong,” Judge Bocanegra said.

But for Velasquez, it will not be a full-fledged return to civilian life. The 40-year-old fighter remains under house arrest with GPS monitoring and is not allowed to have any weapons in the house. At the same time, he must not get closer than 275 meters to the alleged shooting victims. Another condition is to undergo counseling for the parents of the children as well as outpatient treatment for potential traumatic brain injury.

The release of the former champion of the famous fighting organization was also appreciated by the UFC fighters. “This might be the best thing that’s happened in a while,” Damien Brown was not hiding his joy. “Cain is finally released, but the time he lost away from his family will never be replaced. Now he’s going to enjoy it like never before, Gabriel Benitez said. Support for the American wrestler also came from much more prominent names. Daniel Cormier or Aljamain Sterling shared posts on social networks.

The next trial will take place on November 21.



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