Mislintat away!: VfB Stuttgart fires sporting director | Sports

The decision has been made: VfB Stuttgart separates from sports director Sven Mislintat (50)!

According to BILD information, Table 16 had. the Bundesliga Mislintat submitted an offer to extend the contract.

Mislinat refused. That sealed his departure. He will be released immediately from his contract, which runs until June 2023, but will continue to be paid until the end of the contract.

The VfB offer is said to have included significantly reduced payments: Depending on success, up to 1.5 million euros instead of the previous 2 million per year. And the so-called unanimity clause, which the sports director has in his previous contract, was missing.

This clause states that no personnel decision in the field of sports can be made against Mislintat’s veto. No other sports director has that much power in the Bundesliga.

Successor to Thomas Hitzlsperger since March 21, 2022: VfB CEO Alexander Wehrle (47)

Photo: Bernd Weißbrod/dpa

The VfB bosses around CEO Alexander Wehrle (47) were dependent on Mislintat for all sports personnel decisions due to this clause, which their predecessors had approved.

It’s understandable that they wanted to delete it.

For weeks there had been a crisis between Wehrle and Mislintat, and Mislintat’s end had become apparent. Wehrle hired world champions Sami Khedira (35) and Philipp Lahm (39), which Mislintat didn’t like, but he couldn’t prevent because they are external consultants.

In addition, Mislintat resisted the overdue dismissal of coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (45, completed on October 10) for too long. The unresolved successor question, a bloated squad (including ten loan professionals who are coming back) and the poor placement on the relegation place are further points of criticism of Mislintat’s work.

Sven Mislintat came to VfB from Arsenal FC in April 2019, signed Matarazzo and made it back to the Bundesliga with him in 2020. After a good season, however, he did not manage to develop VfB beyond the status of a relegation candidate.

According to BILD information, VfB plans to present a new sports director before Christmas. And then a new coach who replaces interim coach Michael Wimmer (42).



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