Millionaires vs. Junior date 5 Quadrangular A

A night with many goal opportunities, many shots and little definition, was the match between Millonarios and Junior that was played in the country’s capital during the fifth date of Quadrangular A.

El Campín was the headquarters of the ambassador party, the local team came out needing to recover and add those 3 points to ensure that they follow the pace of Santa Fe in the group. Alberto Gamero’s game proposal translated into an offensive first half, with a team that sought to press with speed and collective plays. For his part, Junior had a good number of passes, but he did not achieve the necessary depth to have as many scoring options as the ‘Ambassadors’.

In two very intense minutes of addition to the first half where both teams sought to close the half of the game with a score, Millonarios in a quick play and a quick attack enabled Luis Carlos Pereira in front of the goal, but he could not finish. And the team ‘Shark’ in an arrival at the local goal with a long shot could not define either.

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At minute 18, with a move down the left wing, a clear opportunity for the locals, with a pass controlled by Daniel Ruíz that excited the ‘Azules’, but Sebastián Viera saved the visiting team.

Minutes later, another clear goal opportunity derived from a corner kick, a ball that bounced off the post, ended up in the hands of Viera and once again saved the Barranquilla team. Viera was undoubtedly a figure in the first half that ended in a partial draw.

In additional time with more pressure, the ‘Shark’ knocked on the goal with two opportunities in the first minutes, and after a back and forth dynamic of ball control that warned of the first goal of the match.

The group from the capital with ten players on the field after the expulsion of Andrés Llinás due to contact, Millonarios continued to seek to achieve that goal, and at the moment perhaps of least hope for the team, after greater control by Junior, the expected moment arrived. Because of the fans that made El Campin tremble, David Macalister Silva disarmed Viera and gave the fans those long-awaited 3 points at 73′.

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  • At 34′ Daniel Giraldo got the first sanction of the match with a yellow card
  • At 64′ the controversial play of the match was the expulsion with a red card of Andrés Llinás
  • At 69′, the number 21 of Junior, Walmer Pacheco, was sanctioned with a yellow card
  • At 90′, Junior’s number 3 received the last yellow card of the match

So then, waiting for the confrontation between Santa Fe and Pereira, Millonarios is partial pointer with 10 points.



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