Migennes, Ouanne, Brienon-sur-Armançon, Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes, Massangis… News near you

Young people repaint the walls of the Migennes Gendarmerie Family Protection House, the telemedicine as reinforcement in Ouanne, the archers of the Brienon-sur-Armançon Sentinel in full development, the municipal agent of Saint-Maurice-aux – Wealthy Retired Men… Discover the local news of this Saturday, November 5 in the Yonne.

A teleconsultation terminal installed in Ouanne

Catherine Cordier, mayor of Ouanne, and her municipal council took the initiative to bring telemedicine to the village. No doctor has been practicing there for several years, despite the medical office which remains available. The municipality turned to the start-up Medadom to rent him a teleconsultation terminal which she installed in the former medical office, 1, rue d’Auxerre.

The archers of the Brienon-sur-Armançon Sentinel in full development

The construction site of the indoor hall of the archery section of the Sentinel (1.8 million budget), delivery of which is scheduled for next spring, takes a decisive turn and this does not go unnoticed rue Pasteur. The members of the club mentioned it during the last general meeting at the clubhouse. A new bureau was elected, confirming François Degrange as president, Clarisse Prado as secretary and Éric Kaczmareck as treasurer.

In Tonnerre, the photovoltaic power plant comes out of the ground

Six young people repaint the walls of the Migennes Gendarmerie Family Protection House

The Youth Animation Service (SAJ) of the City of Migennes has more ideas. In addition to the many outings organized by him, a new type of activity is offered to six Migennois during the All Saints school holidays: make a fresco on the walls of the family protection brigade of the gendarmerie.

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New animations and price offers: the town hall of Avallon wants to bring the public back to the cinema

The municipal agent of Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes retired

The municipality of Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes organized a small ceremony in the multipurpose hall, on the occasion of the retirement of Denis Parisot, an esteemed municipal agent of the population and an actor in local life for many years. Denis Parisot began his career with the municipality on January 1, 1990. Logging, gardening and DIY activities will now be his daily life.

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