Messi: “We comply with them, we can’t give anything away”

Lionel Messi was the one who opened the 2-0 victory over Mexico, who gave life to the National Team in the World Cup in Qatar. First three points and now to prepare with everything for the other final, on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. against Poland. The 10 celebrated a lot, vented and then showed his face, counting sensations.

Lionel Messi26-11-2022

Messi’s word

“It was a very difficult game to get up because Mexico has a great coach and they are a tough team that handles the ball. In the first half we played like we had to play with great intensity. In the second half we calmed down and started to play the ball, we were able to do what we had to. Now there was no other choice but to win to depend on us”.

“We played the game we had to play, we had to, it’s difficult to play in those conditions. The team had a great gamethose who entered This is the path, we are all important, we have to think about what comes next, we did nothing, we settled in but it is just beginning.”

“There is euphoria, it was a necessity, it was done as it was done but we had to win. It cost us a lot, especially in the first game, also because many boys have their first World Cup, it was their first game, and we did not go out to play like we had to do it.”

“Thus and the whole first game were two isolated plays, by centimeters we didn’t get 2-0. And now we knew we had to win, that another World Cup had started and we could do it.”

The ankle: “I don’t know why so many things were said, the truth is that the other day there was talk of the ankle and it had nothing, and just at the last minute it hurt at the end. But it was fine, I trained normally and we did the effort”.

“We can’t give up now. Now it’s this, we got like this in the World Cup and we have all the finals. We can’t give anything away and the response from the people was great, we knew it was going to be like that and. we fulfill them We have been hand in hand with people for a long time and many nice things have been achieved.”



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