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Free since the termination of his contract with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo could well continue and end his career away from the Old Continent. Indeed, the Portuguese striker would have agreed with the Saudi club Al Nassr, led by Rudi Garcia, with the key, a 500 million euro lease.

Cristiano Ronaldo soon in Saudi Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in history. Nobody, not even his greatest detractors, will dare to say otherwise. But 37, the Portuguese striker is no longer fresh and logically declines after two decades at the highest level. A statement made by Manchester United, who terminated his contract after his shock interview a week ago, but also by the main interested party himself.

A 500 M€ contract for Ronaldo

While he surely thought of finding a base with a European football cador to try to find the Champions League, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has undoubtedly made up his mind. His personality, his aura, his weight in his sport, no team from the Old Continent is ready to incorporate him into their group with the risk of unbalancing their locker room, like Bayern Munich, which has officially announced its desire not to not approach him despite his status as a free player.

But before retiring, preferably 40 years old, as he recently revealed, the Lusitanian will sign one last big contract. A standard contract. According to Marca, the former glory of Real Madrid has accepted the proposal of Al Nassr, who has been interested for many months in his arrival. A two and a half year lease, i.e. until June 2024, with the key, an annual remuneration of 200 million euros, including salary and advertising revenue.

A huge advertisement for Saudi football

An offer difficult to refuse for the star of the Portuguese selection and that no European team or MLS is able to submit to him. With Saudi football booming, Al Nassr executives see a golden opportunity to ride the wave with Qatar’s World Cup exposure. An arrival that could create unprecedented enthusiasm in the region and in Asia. Rudi Garcia, who has been running the club since July, must necessarily be rubbing his hands.

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