[Meiji Jingu Tournament]Saku Nagasaki OB confronts directly at Jingu, a sacred place for college baseball: nines WEB

53rd Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament
(November 18-23)

The Meiji-Jingu Tournament, the final national tournament of the season for high school and college baseball, is being held at Jingu Stadium. Some of the participating schools have prefectural officials on the bench and are the main force.

On the 18th, in the university division, Kansai University (2nd representative of the Kansai Five Federations) vs. Tokyo University of Agriculture Okhotsk (2nd Hokkaido Federation representative), Kansai University No. Chosei High OB confrontation was also realized.

↓ Alumni of Saku Chosei face off at Jingu Stadium, the mecca of college baseball

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