Medina wins denounces that the referees of the Summer Basketball Tournament have not been paid for three months

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Once again, from the municipal group of Gana Medina, they have once again denounced the “inefficiency” of the Popular Party and Medina Primero in sports management.

Between July 13 and August 30, 2022, the traditional summer basketball tournament was held at Villa de las Ferias with two daily games; for which a field referee and another table referee were needed who, according to the political group, until yesterday, November 14, 2022, “still have not received payment for their services.” As you state, a total of 13 basketball referees have not been paid for almost 3 months.

Gana Medina states that this delay “represents an absolute management disaster and a lack of respect for these referees without whose work and dedication it would be impossible to celebrate these sports activities so effectively.”

To all this, the party argues that, as citizens of Medina del Campo, “we do not deserve a government team that treats workers and users of sports in Medina with such contempt.” A contempt that they claim to be seeing since the beginning of this legislature.

Through a statement, issued to this media outlet, Gana Medina has demanded the immediate payment of these remunerations that the Villa City Council “has been owing for months to people who do everything on their part so that sports activities go ahead.”



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