Mata and Da Costa win a new crowded Cros d’Olot

After previous editions marked by Covid-19, the Cros d’Olot was able to be celebrated again yesterday, without restrictions and with the same enthusiasm as always. This, in fact, was shown by the more than 500 athletes who competed in the Tries venues, almost doubling the participation of 2021.

The organization, CN Olot, of course, celebrated this great success, but the protagonists, yesterday, were the winners of the various tests that were held. The 26th Cros d’Olot Memorial Miquel Àngel Chorrero is part of the Girona Cross Circuit, although this year it did not start.

Be that as it may, there was a desire for Cross, especially on the part of Aniria Mata (Ironwill Solideo), who prevailed in the women’s category and signed the best time of the day (17:59′), being a second faster than the male champion. Víctor da Costa (Club Olímpic Farners) set a round record of 18 minutes, which helped him win the race.

They were both federated athletes, but those who were not could also join the party by registering in the open category. In a smaller circuit, Sergi Moreno and Núria Tió were the fastest with a time of 11:01′ and 11:56′, respectively. Once again with the longest route, in the Veteran C test, Pere Boadas (CA Lloret-La Selva) was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 20:03′.

But yesterday, in the grounds of the Tries, not only experienced athletes competed. Throughout the morning, male and female runners of all ages were able to enjoy a day that was a great celebration of sport.



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