‘Marc Márquez: ALL IN’, the shocking story of the return of the champion

It already has a title:Marc Márquez: ALL IN’. There is already a date of appearance on the screen: February next year. It already has extension: five chapters. It is already known who will be able to see it: 200 countries around the world. I already had a platform: Prime Time.

The story of the last Via Crucis of the eight-time motorcycling world champion, his last and fourth operation on his right arm, humerus and shoulder, already has a presentation video and in it you can indeed see some shocking images and words such as when he confirms , from his truck, in Mugello (Italy)who will undergo surgery again, this time in the United States, and, even, in another image you can see the moment in which the adhesive tape that covers his immense and spectacular last scar is torn off.

It was worth it

“A very hard road, with a single objective: to return to the highest level. Is it worth all the effort? For me if. ALL IN”, were the words of the champion from Cervera (Lleida) to present, on his networks, the video of the five-episode series that Prime Time is finishing producing with the images captured by a small TV crew that followed him throughout all the grand prix, in all his travels, in all his training sessions and, of course, in his last surgical intervention at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota, United States, where, without a doubt, the spectacular scenes of the extensive documentary.

Produced by Fast Brothers in collaboration with Red Bull Media House, TBS and DORNA, the five episodes will trace the career of a unique rider in the history of world motorcycling. A pilot who never gives up, a pilot who, despite having won everything, wants to continue in the fight and for this reason has surgery again after discovering that he has been running and winning with a humerus, the right one, which rotated on itself 34%.

You have to operate now!

when the doctor Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo, installed for years at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, discovered that the Catalan pilot’s humerus was moving alarmingly, called Mugello (June 9) and told him to stop running in those conditions that it made no sense and was dangerous and that, as soon as he could, he would take a plane and I would operate on him. MM93 listened to him, flew to the US that same weekend and underwent surgery immediately, returning to competition this year and doing excellent training and racing despite riding the least competitive bike on the MotoGP grid. All this and more can be seen in ‘Marc Márquez: ALL IN’, starting next February, when the 2023 preseason is already underway.



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