Luis Casimiro, on Baskonia

Louis Casimircoach of Betis Baloncesto, was very upset in the press room by the arbitration suffered at Baskonia’s house.


“Proud of the team for how it has competed. Due to the circumstances we had at the casualty level, I am proud of the work done by the players. We have competed well. We have been alive at all times. And we have reached the end with the option of a rebound to win. And that foul cannot be called there. flopping by Costello. Even Costello himself is not expecting it. They are free throws and our option was to have rebounded. That foul took us to extra time and there we defended more. We have given 14 free throws in five minutes.”

Evans Low

“We came from losing to Girona at home and not competing in Malaga. Our obligation was to compete. I think we have achieved it. But we are happy and that is what we have to do. We have taken steps forward to compete. As the game has gone we have been warning and Baskonia has sharpened its weapons. I hope that this work is not the flower of a day. The windows are good for us to recover from injuries”.


“I don’t doubt the starting of the ACB. I think it is a very good arbitration. The best arbitration establishment in FIBA. That is beyond any doubt. That specific moment must be thought about more. decide the match.



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