“Lola Gallardo falls on her breasts”

The networks burn with the comment of a DAZN narrator, Diego García, during the broadcast of the match between the Atletico Madrid and Alhama of this Saturday.

During one set of the match, the red-and-white goalkeeper stopped a ball with her chest in an attempt by the Murcian team to equalize, which the narrator described as “Lola Gallardo falling on her little breasts.”

An unfortunate macho comment that caused numerous criticisms on Twitter, especially after the communicator and former soccer player Andrea Menéndez Faya echoed it.

The tweeter, a regular in the world of women’s football and very popular on the social network, where accumulates nearly 60,000 followers, tweeted the video with no comment other than three ellipses; although the video has been deactivated in the last hours “in response to a complaint by the copyright holder”.

Hundreds of contrary reactions occurred during the day, with numerous tweeters asking DAZN for explanations for the unfortunate comment of his worker.

“I apologize”

Late in the afternoon, Diego García, through Twitter, shared a message referring to the controversy over his words. “I think people deserve an explanation,” headed the image, also citing Gallardo on the social network.

“About what happened today in Lola Gallardo’s play, in which I used a diminutive as a euphemism, I’m sorry if anyone has been offended by the comment and I apologize,” explains the commentator.

“I always try to transmit with intensity and electricity what happens in the matches, but with the utmost respect for the professionals who practice it,” he concludes.



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