Live ticker: Wolfsberger AC – RB Salzburg 1: 2 (Bundesliga 2022/2023, 15th matchday)


Conclusion: Wolfsberger AC and Red Bull Salzburg split 1:2. It’s a deserved win for the Red Bulls, who are able to extend their lead over Sturm Graz. For the weak Carinthians there is the next bankruptcy. In the first half, the guests were efficient and dominant, in the second half the game was very balanced. With the goal 15 minutes before the end, the momentum was on the side of the home side. Tired Salzburg struggled to win after Wolfsberg put the leaders under pressure again. In the end, the guests were able to routinely downplay it. The WAC is only 3 points ahead of the bottom of the table, Hartberg.




Adamu tries a volley, but this ball also goes wide to the right of the goal.


Roko Šimić checks Bonmann again. There is a corner kick, so he buys his team time.


Salzburg seem tired. The WAC throws everything forward again. The guests defend with all players and hardly come to relief.


There are 4 minutes of stoppage time!


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> David Gugganig


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Ervin Omić


There is another corner for Salzburg in the last few minutes. Seiwald’s cross goes straight into Bonmann’s arms.


Substitution at RB Salzburg -> Roko Šimić


Substitution at RB Salzburg -> Benjamin Šeško


Anzolin crosses perfectly to the goalscorer Malone, who cannot process the ball. There is kick off for Salzburg.


The Red Bulls have come under pressure several times in the last 10 minutes. The guests didn’t put the lid on it, so the home side still have the opportunity to at least get a point.


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Thierno Ballo


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Michael Novak


Kerschbaumer tries it from a distance, but the ball goes far to the right of the goal.


10 minutes left to play. Everything is still open due to the goal. The momentum is now clearly on the side of Wolfsberger AC.


After a minute-long VAR investigation, the penalty is withdrawn! Of course, the yellow card for Bernardo is not given either.


Penalty for the WAC!


Tooor for Wolfsberger AC, 1:2 by Maurice Malone

Malone with his 4th goal of the season. Substitute Röcher lobs the ball onto Malone, who stays cool in front of the goal and shoots it into the left corner.


Huge chance for Sékou Koïta. With his dynamism, he passes Novak in the penalty area and shoots on goal. Bonmann saves his team again.


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Konstantin Kerschbaumer


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Matthäus Taferner


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Thorsten Röcher


Substitution at Wolfsberger AC -> Tai Baribo


Šeško almost 3-0! From an acute angle, the Salzburg shoots narrowly to the side netting.


Substitution at RB Salzburg -> Sékou Koïta


Substitution at RB Salzburg -> Noah Okafor


Salzburg are now slowing down a bit. The week is extremely exhausting for the guests. Jaissle prepares his first changes.


The game continues to have very few chances in the second half. Boakye and Šeško with the only two finishes in the last 20 minutes.


More than an hour has already been played. The game is balanced as at the beginning of the first half, both teams have several offensive parts of the game. As usual, Salzburg have more possession.


Šeško with the next chance! In direct return, the man with number 30 shoots at goal from a tight angle. Bonmann saves the ball to the corner.


The corner kick is clarified in the backcourt, Boakye gets the ball and checks Philipp Köhn for the first time. The Salzburg goalie clears the ball to the side.


Maurice Malone with a good individual action, Baribo is waiting in the middle, but Salzburg just clear the corner.


The flank is much too short and flat. Everything remains calm in front of Bonmann.


The second half starts the same as the first. Both teams are only dangerous through set pieces. Salzburg gets the first corner kick in the second section.


Nothing changed at the break. There is no change on either side.


It goes on in Carinthia!


Kick-off 2nd half


Half-time conclusion: Wolfsberger AC and Red Bull Salzburg go into the break 0-2. The game was very balanced at the beginning of the game, the Red Bulls were only dangerous through set pieces, but then the efficiency of the series champions prevailed. Okafor made it 1-0 after a template from Sučić. After that, the pressure on Salzburg eased off and the game rippled towards the half-time break without any great chances to score. Adamu made it 2-0 just before the break. It’s a dominant and solid performance from the leaders.


End of 1st half


There is 1 minute stoppage time!


Tooor for RB Salzburg, 0:2 by Chikwubuike Adamu

Benjamin Šeško finishes on the right in front of the goal and slams the ball onto the post, Adamu stands correctly and uses the rebound in the goal and dusts off.


There is the next corner for the guests. Seiwald crosses the ball in again, but again finds no buyer.


Benjamin Šeško makes it 2:0, he runs towards the goal alone and shoots the ball into the right corner. However, the goal is ruled out for offside after the VAR review.


Nikolas Veratschnig remains biting on the offensive and asserts himself again on his right side, Tai Baribo just misses his cross.


Schiffrl clears the ball again after a cross, but this time into the backcourt, Kjærgaard gets the ball, but hits it wide to the left of the goal.


We’re already over the 30 minute mark. Kjærgaard tries a long ball to captain Wöber, who just doesn’t get the ball. There is repulsion.


However, the ball remains harmless. Furthermore, hardly any danger in front of the Salzburg goal.


There’s a corner kick for the WAC!


The game has been rippling for several minutes. There are few goal area scenes. The game usually only takes place in midfield.


The WAC is actually good in the game, but now the mistakes in the construction are piling up. Salzburg are now pushing for the 2-0.


One can now look forward to the answer from Wolfsberger. In contrast to the Red Bulls, the Carinthians, who are in poor form, did not have a game during the week.


Salzburg needed two chances. The WAC defense has been very holey. Robin Dutt’s defensive compactness, as mentioned, has not yet come to light.


Tooor for RB Salzburg, 0: 1 by Noah Okafor

Okafor scores his 7th goal in the league. Sučić plays a long pass to the scorer, who takes the ball perfectly and slams it into the top left goal from a half-left position.


More than 15 minutes have now been played. The game is very balanced now. Except for the double bar hit in the 2nd minute, there have been very few scenes in the goal area so far.


In a promising position, Taferner gets the chance to cross Tai Baribo, who would have been completely free. However, the cross breaks off and goes into the goal.


The WAC followed immediately and put pressure on them. Even when a pass is lost, they die and immediately disrupt a Salzburg player.


The game is very messed up right now. Many bad passes and ball losses characterize the last few minutes. It goes back and forth like ping pong.


There is only one goal in the first few minutes. The WAC was still very disordered at the beginning, while Salzburg immediately showed a clear line.


WAC twice lucky, Salzburg could have used their first huge chance.


Bernardo with a double chance! After the corner, the man with the number 95 comes to the ball and hits the crossbar twice!


There is the first corner for Salzburg. Schiffrl clears a dangerous cross from Wöber.


The ball is rolling in the Lavanttal Arena!


game start

A great chance for Robin Dutt’s team to score points against a decimated Salzburg: “Basically, my team is currently able to deliver everything in both directions, including positive things.” A partial success against Salzburg would now be urgently needed. “But you have to overperform,” admitted Dutt.

Jaissle before today’s game in Lavanttal: “Of course, the game on Wednesday took a lot of strength again. Physically, but also mentally. Even if I wanted to say something about the line-up beforehand: It’s impossible. We have to decide at short notice who will brings the necessary freshness with him. We will now pool all our strengths again and give it our all. Our goal is to achieve the maximum in the games before the winter break.”

Jaissle still has a big challenge to overcome. His squad is extremely decimated. Players such as Nicolás Capaldo, Fernando and Samson Tijani are missing from Jaissle, and many others are at least worried. Central defender Oumar Solet, who suffered a thigh injury, had to be replaced at half-time during the 4-0 loss at AC Milan on Wednesday, and his defensive colleague Maximilian Wöber was later affected. And his replacement Andreas Ulmer and midfielder Lucas Gourna-Douath were also considered questionable by the Salzburg team.

The last win for Wolfsberger AC against Red Bull Salzburg was in December 2020. At that time, the Carinthians, led by Ferdinand Feldhofer, won 3-2 in the Red Bull Arena. At home in the Lavanttal Arena, the WAC won for the last time in 2019. At that time, a Kevin Friesenbichler stormed for the Carinthians, led on the sidelines by Christian Ilzer.

Salzburg are now unbeaten against WAC for 8 games. In the league, the Red Bulls recently won 2-1 at home on matchday 4. Pavlović and Šeško gave the visitors a 1-2 lead in the first half, while Dario Vizinger headed the goal back in added time. However, this came too late, so that the Carinthians again remained without points against the series champion. In the ÖFB Cup, WAC was also eliminated by Salzburg last season, but this time it was a narrower one. The team from Wals-Siezenheim was only able to prevail after a penalty shoot-out.

Welcome to the 15th round of the Admiral Bundesliga to the match between Wolfsberger AC and RB Salzburg!

The table leader meets the 8th place in the Bundesliga. After 4 defeats in a row, the WAC now wants to score again at home against the red bulls. After losing 4-0 to AC Milan, Salzburg will continue in Lavanttal. You want to further distance yourself from Sturm Graz.


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