Lewandowski castigates the decision of the commission!

Earlier in the week, we learned that the commission of the Spanish Federation had decided to sanction Robert Lewandowski with a three-game suspension after his attitude against Osasuna towards the referee of the match, Gil Manzano who had indicated in his report that the Polish international had been “disrespectful” by touching his nose.

Lewandowski considers the sanction too severe!

Present today at a press conference, the captain of Poland did not fail to judge the sanction very severe when he reiterated that this gesture was not intended for the referee but for Xavi:

“An excessive, too severe sanction. It’s too long… It wasn’t for him, it was for the coach, everyone knows that, because it was in his direction and not the referee I don’t think the Committee which is in Madrid has sanctioned me with more games because these are important games for Barcelona, ​​against Espanyol and Atlético, I just think it’s too harsh. convinced that Barça will manage to reverse the situation” he launched in remarks reported by Sport.

He also added that he saw France, Brazil, Argentina and Spain as World Cup favourites.

to summarize

Robert Lewandowski, FC Barcelona striker, did not fail to castigate the commission for his expulsion. Indeed, the captain of Poland considers the sanction much too severe and hopes that his club will manage to do the necessary.



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