LeBron James and Adam Silver facilitate the return of Kyrie Irving

Although nature indicates that calm will always come after the storm, Kyrie Irving subverts this basic principle. Behind every controversial word or act of the player there always seems to be new layers. However, the situation with its suspension for anti-Semitic reasons seems to have tempered in recent days. This week Kyrie has met with Adam Silver to talk about the matter and has heard how Nike closed the door to build bridges again in the future. But he comes out of it with renewed hope to return to the courts. More so after the words of LeBron James and Adam Silver.

The Lakers star said last week that Irving had hurt many people and condemned his behavior. “I do not respect that things are promoted or said that can be harmful to communities and the people in them.” But with Irving a priori fulfilling the impositions that the Nets put on him to alleviate his suspension, LeBron advocates his return. «He has apologized and they should allow him to play again. You have to help him understand that he has done it wrong, but he should be playing » said yesterday a Twitter.

Orders from above

This whole thing, again, stems from a social media post in which Kyrie shared a link recommending a holocaust-denying movie among other anti-Semitic proclamations. As a consequence, the American press jumped on him and everything around him took aim at him in the same terms, costing him a suspension with Brooklyn and several commercial disagreements. After the meeting with Adam Silver, it was said that it had happened in productive terms and Irving’s intention to comply with the pending requirements that were imposed on him to play again was hinted at. Today the commissioner has made a balance of the encounter that he had with the player. “There is no question that he is not anti-Semitic,” says Silver.

«I have known him for a decade and I have never heard a word anti-Semitic or, frankly, of hatred towards any group. But whether or not he is an anti-Semite, that does not repair the damage caused by his actions. I think we have reached good terms regarding his suspension and perhaps we can accelerate it »clarifies the commissioner for the medium Times. In principle, the first phase of Irving’s suspension ends today, since that “minimum of five games” that the Nets announced will be fulfilled but that will surely end up being a few more. Now, when two voices as important as that of Adam Silver and LeBron James become conciliatory, things usually follow the course they set.

(Cover photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)


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