Laura Acuña tried herself out as a footballer at the school where Falcao García was trained

The Santanderean presenter visited the school where Falcao García was trained accompanied by Cristina Estupiñan for her YouTube program, ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’

Laura Acuna She has remained one of the most recognized figures in Colombian show business. Thanks to her time on different television programs and formats such as ‘Muy buenos días’, ‘La Voz Kids’ and ‘La Voz Senior’, the Santanderean presenter has remained in force in the medium for two decades. Proof of this is found in her followers on social networks, which today reach four million followers.

Outside of the big screen, Acuña has also been developing other professional facets in recent times. On the one hand, she confirmed her debut as an actress in ‘The Last Man on Earth’, a film directed by dago garcia which will be starred by her together with the actor John Alex Toro y Rodrigo Candamil. On the other hand, in recent years she has been seen more focused on taking advantage of her reputation to try other paths in digital media. Proof of this is the program that she performs on her YouTube channel, ‘Laura Acuña’s room’. In it, he invites celebrities of all kinds with whom he talks about topics related to their professional and personal lives.

In the wake of the furore around the Qatar World Cup 2022 which began on November 20 and will end on December 18 and all the issues that are discussed on and off the pitch, Acuña wanted to join the soccer fever and decided to train with Cristina Estupinan in the Club Deportivo Fair Playschool where the ‘Tigre’ was trained as a footballer Radamel Falcao Garciacurrent player of the Vallecano Ray of Spain and all-time goalscorer of the Colombia selection.

The presenter, accompanied by Cristina Estupiñan, put her soccer skills to the test at the school where Falcao García emerged
The presenter, accompanied by Cristina Estupiñan, put her soccer skills to the test at the school where Falcao García emerged

The one chosen to lead the training routine was none other than Javier Alvarezwho in the past has led teams like the Once Caldas (with which he won the 2009 Apertura Tournament), the Deportivo Calithe Independent Medellin o to Colombia selection.

As evidenced in the video uploaded to the YouTube channel, the presenter and model put on comfortable clothes and put herself under the orders of the Antioquia coach, following his instructions and doing balance exercises, ball control, passes and shots on goal. . With the help of the coach and accompanied by the children who attend the club, Acuña learned some tricks and even shot on target that surprised her and the others present.

After the interview with Javier Alvarez where he spoke about the training work with the boys and girls registered in the club and even with the good comments he received from the coach and the other aspiring professional soccer players, the model was forceful in his assessment of the training : “It was like a Wednesday”.

Founded in June 1993 in the La Alhambra neighborhood of Bogotá, the CDLP has established itself over the years as one of the most recognized institutions of youth soccer at the national level, especially after Falcao García’s heyday as a professional.




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