Lah, the Spanish Federation mistakenly thought De Gea had retired from the national team


David De Gea reportedly received a message containing congratulations on his retirement from the national team by the Spanish Federation. Duh, even though De Gea doesn’t want to retire yet!

Reported from talkSport, this went viral after the Spanish journalist Jose Alvarez revealed this. Alvarez said that Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation, sent a message to David De Gea and thought that the goalkeeper had retired from the Spanish National Team because he did not participate in the 2022 World Cup.

“Initially, David De Gea was not called up to the Spanish national team (for the 2022 World Cup-ed). David De Gea had asked why he was not called up, but was not given an explanation, he was only told that it was a technical decision,” Alvarez explained.

Alvarez continued, a few days after the announcement of the Spanish national team squad for the 2022 World Cup, Luis Rubiales sent a message to David De Gea about the goalkeeper retiring. The MU player was confused and replied.

“David received a message from Rubiales saying, ‘David, I’m glad you have finally made a well-thought-out decision. I was told that you will be retiring from the national team,” he explained.

“David De Gea replied, ‘Sorry, who told you that I was retiring from the national team. The coach didn’t call me, but I never left the national team. I had no intention of doing so even if I wasn’t called up (to the 2022 World Cup-ed),” he continued.

Luis Rubiales (Photo: Getty Images)

David De Gea is 32 years old and has a record of 45 appearances for the Spanish national team. De Gea has debuted since 2014.

De Gea’s last appearance on the Matador Team was during the 2018 World Cup. De Gea then only became a reserve at Euro 2020 and in the UEFA Nations League.




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