La Roja sub 20 uses its head to pass over Brazil

The Chilean under 20 team jumped onto the field of the Estadio Municipal de La Pintana with two goals. The first, to demonstrate an evolution with respect to what was exhibited in their previous meetings during the year. The second, and in the same line as the previous one, reduce their differences with teams that look more complete. On this occasion, those led by Patricio Ormazábal passed, by far, in both.

Against Brazil, a team that had been undefeated this year, La Roja played their best 90 minutes in the last half. The national coach opted for a line of four in the background, with Maicol León, Bastián Roco, Tomás Avilés and Marcelo Morales. In the case of both sides, a preponderant performance was seen. The one that was located on the right being a constant starting option, and the left-handed one as a good finisher of plays. Without going any further, the 1-0 came after a cross from the footballer from Universidad de Chile. In addition, on two occasions he centralized to close the play with a shot.

The best of the national cast was in the collective. Unlike previous days, where some proper name took all the weight of the few occasions that the squad generated. This time, they annulled the Brazilian attacks and did their best to comply with one of the football maxims: finish off the attacks with a shot.

In this context, Chile was emerging on the lawn of La Pintana. Before opening the account, the Scratch goalkeeper had intervened twice. And other plays had ended with shots out.

The two conquests of the Red arrived around the time of the first fraction. Both from the same player and with a repeated file: Gabriel Norambuena, with a header. The opening of the account reached 41 ‘. Chile played a corner kick from the left, Renato Cordero touched it short with Jeison Fuentealba, who passed it to Morales, who from the entrance of the area crossed with precision for the gunner, who beat the Brazilians from above and beat the goalkeeper Kaique Azarias with an accurate headerstrong and placed in the left-handed corner.

Only moments later, when the regulation was already fulfilled, would it be 2-0. Again by air. This time it was a free kick almost on the line, charged to the right sector. The owner of the stopped balls, Fuentealba, touched it back to Maicol León, who tested the bow and his shot after a detour hit the crossbar; Renato Cordero arrived on the rebound, who headed it so that later, in position and with a goal scorer’s nose, Norambuena combed it and deflected enough to prevent Azairas from reaching it. Two lab moves that worked.

Vicente Reyes saved a penalty from Matehus Nascimento. Photo: Carlos Parra/@LaRoja

Beginning the second part, the coach of Brazil, Ramon Menezes, made changes to put his team ahead and it paid off. Fifteen minutes were somewhat strenuous for Ormazábal’s men, who prevented the Brazilian attacks from reaching their destination. They knew that an eventual discount could change the landscape. And they did it.

They were not only able to contain the rival and keep zero in their own goal; but they took advantage of a new stopped ball and increased the count. This time it was Paolo Guajardo, who caught a great cross from Fuentealba and scored the third with a correct header, while only at the far post. The Santiago Wanderers attacker did not hesitate, unlike the goalkeeper and the Brazilian central defenders, who watched, incredulous, as the ball crossed the entire area.

If something was missing in this match, it was to magnify the national goalkeeper. It happened just after 3-0. The talented Matheus Nascimento, recently admitted, showed off his technique and with only seconds left on the pitch, a penalty was awarded. Francisco Gilabert did not hesitate to mark the maximum penalty. It was the same player who stood in front of the ball, but could not beat Vicente Reyes. The guardian of the Red, who plays for Atlanta United in the United States, went to his right and covered Nascimento’s penalty. Brazil’s ten was naive. His throw was weak.

Any attempt to visit would have no more footing. With half an hour to go, it was clear that there would be no way to avoid Chile’s triumph. A great game for the National Team led by Patricio Ormazábal, who signs one of his best games of the year, a few months after the South American sub 20. His next challenge will be on Sunday against the same rival, in El Teniente de Rancagua, at 7:00 p.m.



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