“Kyrie Irving will still be able to play in the NBA, because of this”

Somewhat to everyone’s surprise, Kyrie Irving will soon return to the Nets. But according to a legend of the league, it would not be so surprising… One reason in particular would mean that the door will always be open to him in the NBA.

The possibility of never seeing again Kyrie Irving on the floors seemed real, to the point that some observers were convinced. Between his refusal to vaccinate against the coronavirus last season and the anti-Semitic controversy he has been facing for a few weeks, the leader is very far from unanimous. Nike even decided to end their partnership, while many former players atomized him for his attitude.

Sportingly speaking, he had even been sidelined by Brooklyn recently, but his absence will apparently end imminently. An announcement that surprised a lot of people, apart from Julius Erving who expected such an outcome. Legend of the Nets at the time when they were still evolving in ABA, the Hall of Famer thus affirms that in the eyes of the leaders, Uncle Drew will always be worth the risk of recruiting him and making him play:

Julius Erving cash on the Kyrie Irving case

Owners are greedy, so he’ll always end up playing for someone in the league, no matter how toxic he is. When he’s too old to play, he’ll be finished. As long as he’s young enough to score those hoops and do what he does, be Kyrie, he’ll have a job. I always thought it was a privilege, an honor and a blessing to be able to be an NBA player. So if he could respect that a bit more, I’d be glad he shared my name.

Difficult not to detect a tackle against the current owners, who would therefore be more focused on the talent and potential of the 2016 champion than on the problems he would bring off the field. On the other hand, the NBA in particular had enough opportunity to sanction him much more harshly, especially after he promoted an anti-Semitic documentary. Fans therefore agree with Dr.J, supporting his theory with an example from the world of music:

If Chris Brown can still be on the radio and make millions after beating up Rihanna, then Irving’s career isn’t over either. It would be nice to see Hollywood go after Brown if they’re so keen on showcasing virtue.

Julius Erving is convinced, Kyrie Irving is not likely to be kicked out of the NBA anytime soon. As long as he continues to be so strong, he won’t have to worry… On the other hand, that could quickly change as soon as he is on the decline.



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