Kun Agüero warned Argentina of Saudi Arabia 7 months ago; video

The echo that left the defeat of the ‘Albiceleste’ 1-2 against Saudi Arabia still continues on social networks and several Internet users continue trying to explain what happened to those led by Lionel Scaloni.

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In the midst of the controversy that left the surprising result, there were those who remembered the words of the former Argentine soccer player Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero, who seven months ago he had analyzed the way the Asians play.

The images reappeared and soon went viral, because there, watching a qualifying game that the Saudis did for Qatar 2022, Agüero made several recommendations to his colleagues.

‘Kun’ Agüero had warned Argentina

During one of the live shows that the former player did in his facet as a ‘streamer’ on Twitch, he took a space to observe and analyze the way the Saudi Arabian team played. To do this, he saw images of two games they played against Australia and China, valid for the World Cup qualifiers.

What caught the attention of several fans was that ‘Kun’ deciphered the offensive and defensive approach made by the coach of the Arab team, Hervé Renard, on the pitch.

“Look at the defense where he went to press, huh? high blood pressure, eye, high blood pressure”, the former ‘Albiceleste’ player initially said.

Even the former Barcelona and Manchester City used the space to send a message to the Argentine coach, Scaloni.

“Scaloni I am giving you all the details, so you don’t have to say anything afterwards. Show the video, this one of mine, to the kids and that’s it. Look, important that [los defensas] they play online. But look at how the center-back pressed, very played, “added the now ‘streamer’ as a joke.

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The curious thing about the analysis is that this is indeed how Saudi Arabia played and put the South Americans in trouble, whom they unexpectedly defeated. In fact, he placed special emphasis on Salem Al-Dawsari, the ’10’ of the Asian team, who scored the second goal for his team.

“10 plays well. Look, 10 has quality. Watch out for 10. Guys, let’s score Al-Dawsari. Remember, on 10, kick at 10 ”, concluded the former soccer player in his comment.



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