Klosterneuburg – Judokas with a strong placement after the first Bundesliga season

After the young team, consisting of fighters from the Judo Union Klosterneuburg and the Galaxy Tigers, were on course for the podium after a sensational first round, the second and thus last collection round in the women’s Bundesliga was held at the weekend.

Serious signs: numerous failures

However, the omens for the young judokas from Klosterneuburg and Vienna were not ideal. A total of six out of a total of 15 squad members could not compete due to injury or illness and therefore the full potential of the team was not exploited. Nevertheless, a victory was fought in the first encounter of the day.

With victories by Maya Kochauf, Katja Gadermaier, Helene Schrattenholzer and Anika Schicho, “Galaxy Klosterneuburg”, as the cooperation team is called, beat Team Styria 4:2.

What was particularly pleasing about this victory: Anika Schicho, who had been struggling with persistent shoulder problems for years and recently had to drop out for a long time, reported back impressively on the mat with her victory. “For me as a coach, that was one of the many beautiful moments this season,” said chairman Robert Haas.

But that was it with the victories for the cooperation team. The second duel of the day was against the UJZ Mühlviertel. Vanessa Buxbaum and Helene Schrattenholzer were able to book partial successes, but in the end they had to admit defeat by a narrow margin of 2:4. A draw would have been within reach.

A similar picture emerged in the direct duel against the later runners-up from Bischofshofen. Buxbaum and Schrattenholzer were able to win their fights again, but Kochauf, Seiz, haager and Schicho had to accept narrow defeats, which meant that this match also went to the competition with a score of 4:2. In the last duel of the season, the local fighters had to admit defeat against Flachgau-Burgkirchen by a narrow 4:2.

Haas: Goals achieved. Also at the start next year

“Of course, as a coach, I see that even more could have been possible. A bit of luck and we end up on the podium. But our goals that we set ourselves before the season. Namely, having nothing to do with the bottom of the table and annoying the favorites, we definitely fulfilled. We can be proud of this season and we will be at the start again next year,” says Robert Haas.



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