Juventus vice president talks about Pogba’s injury


Injuries made Paul Pogba have to miss the 2022 World Cup. Vice President of Juventus, Pavel Nedved, talked about the player’s recovery efforts.

Pogba was sent home by Juventus last summer, after his contract at Manchester United expired. Not yet had time to appear in official matches, the French midfielder was injured in pre-season.

Nedved, Vice President of Juventus, said that Pogba had refused surgery. The player chooses conservative therapy.

After not running optimally, Paul Pogba was finally operated on too. However, his condition was still not possible until he finally failed to stay fit ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

“We cannot force a player to have surgery, even if he is a dependent and we pay for it,” Pavel Nedved told Sport Mediaset.

“He opted for conservative therapy, it didn’t go well. Then he had surgery and that didn’t completely fix it either. We hope he will play now, so will he.”

“He (Paul Pogba) should have come back on November 5 and then played in the World Cup. Maybe he made the decision not to go to the World Cup a little late, but he is still a great person and a great player,” said Pavel Nedved.

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