Judokas for tickets to San Salvador – Juventud Rebelde

Cuban judo is experiencing a very hectic final period of 2022, with the desire to include its two teams in the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 as the most immediate challenge. In this sense, from next Saturday they will enter the qualifying event for said multi-sport event, in order to end in style the 12 months that saw Andy Granda crowned world champion.

The West Indians will travel to Panama, the venue for the competition, this Wednesday the 23rd with the incentive of bringing complete squads and even in some divisions more than one representative, due to the rule that allows athletes to double in two weights maximum. Said advantage was taken advantage of, for example, by the coach of the women’s cast Yordanis Arencibia in 63 kilograms (kg) and 78 kg.

In the first of these divisions, Maylín del Toro and Yusmary Lafita will defend the Greater Antilles, while in the second the veteran Kaliema Antomarchi will be accompanied by Virgen Santa. The rest of the team members will be Vanesa Godínez (48 kg), Blanca Cabrera (52 kg), Arnaes Odelín (57 kg), Idelannis Gómez (70 kg) and Idalys Ortiz (+ 78 kg), who, as always, will act as leader of the girls.

In the case of the men, the decision of the coach Julio Alderete was to double in 81 kg with Jorge Martínez and Maikel Mkenzie, and in 100 kg with Heriberto Rivero and Liester Cardona. The other natives who will seek their Central American and Caribbean quota will be Milko Obregón (60 kg), Orlando Polanco (66 kg), Magdiel Estrada (73 kg), Iván Silva (90 kg), as well as the brand new world champion from Baku, Andy Large (+ 100 kg).

It should be noted that qualifying tickets will be awarded per athlete and not per division. The Antillean judo will have several multi-sport events next year, because in addition to the Central Americans, it will look for a satisfactory result in the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile and in the Alba Games, to be held in Venezuela.



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