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It will be held in Tokyo for the first time in five years!

The major international judo tournament, the Grand Slam Tokyo Tournament (Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022) will start on Saturday, December 3rd.

Six Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalists will participate in this tournament, which will be part of the 2024 Paris Olympics representative race!

Japan, the home country of judo, is expected to win gold medals in all categories, but what kind of results will it bring?

This time, about Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022,

  • schedule
  • TV broadcast
  • Internet relay
  • Flash report
  • combination

We will collect information such as

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Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 Schedule and TV Broadcast/Internet Broadcast!Quick results and combinations

*As the tournament approaches, the preliminary results will be moved to the top.

What is the schedule for Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022?

This competition will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 and Sunday, December 4, 2022.

The venue will be the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

There are 7 weight classes for both men and women, and a total of 14 weight classes to determine the number one Judo champion in the world.

Match dates for each class are as follows:

Saturday, December 3rd


73kg class / 81kg class / 90kg class


57kg class / 63kg class / 70kg class

December 4th (Sun)


60kg class / 66kg class / 100kg class / 100kg super


48kg class / 52kg class / 78kg class / 78kg super


When will Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 be televised?

This tournament will be broadcast by TV Tokyo on terrestrial broadcasting as follows.

December 3 (Sat) 16:00-18:00

December 4 (Sun) 18:30-21:00

There is a broadcast, but in this time zone it seems that it will be a recording relay of the same day difference.

Although the TV Tokyo series is a nationwide broadcast, it is a 6-station network, so if you live outside of some areas, you may not be able to see it.

I myself am the type of person who wants to enjoy live sports broadcasts from the first half of the tournament, so I was wondering if there was a way to watch them in real time, so I looked into it.

In this day and age, even if there were no TV broadcasts, it is now possible to know the details of all sports through Internet broadcasts, right?

I’m sure some of you have watched sports broadcasts online, and it seems that there will be a way to watch the tournament in real time if it’s broadcasted online!

Will the Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022 be broadcast online?

Online broadcasting has recently become a popular way to watch sports in real time, but with this, you can watch it on your smartphone or tablet, so you can check it on the go, so it’s very convenient, isn’t it?

It has been revealed that this tournament will be distributed on the following services!

  • TVer TV Tokyo real-time distribution
  • Free delivery service with advertisement “Net is also TV Tokyo” (TV Tokyo HP, TVer, GYAO!)
  • TV Tokyo Sports (YouTube channel)

Some of these will likely include live broadcasts, but we will continue to confirm details such as broadcast times.

When it becomes clear, I will add it here, so please check it out!

What are the results and combinations of the Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022?

The players representing Japan in this tournament are as follows.


60kg class: Naohisa Takafuji / Ryuki Nagayama / Hayato Kondo / Genki Koga

66kg class: Hifumi Abe / Joshiro Maruyama / Ryoma Tanaka / Tsuyoshi Takeoka

73kg class: Soichi Hashimoto / Ken Daikichi / Kenji Harada / Shohei Ohno

81kg class: Takanori Nagase / Sotaro Fujiwara / Takeshi Sasaki / Kenya Ohara

90kg class: Kasuke Masuyama / Sanshiro Murao / Mashu Baker / Shoichiro Mukai

100kg class: Kentaro Iida / Torataro Ueoka / Wolf Aron / Green Karani Kaito

Over 100kg: Ritsu Saito / Shin Kageura / Tsubasa Takahashi / Kuki Harasawa


48kg class: Natsumi Tsunoda / Funan Tonaki / Wakana Koga / Rina Tachikawa

52kg class: Uta Abe / Ai Shishime / Ikujun Omori / Hikari Yokota

57kg class: Haruka Funakubo / Momo Tamaki / Tsukasa Yoshida / Akari Omori

63kg class: Megumi Horikawa / Nami Nabekura / Miku Tashiro / Seiko Watanabe

70kg class: Saki Niizoe / Moeka Kuwagata / Yukiko Uno / Riho Saiganji

78kg class: Naori Hamada / Mami Umeki / Rika Takayama / Mao Izumi

Over 78kg: Wakaharu Tomita / Teru Sone / Mayu Akiba / Hikaru Kodama

In addition to posting the results of these players here, we will update the combinations as needed.

Please check it!


This time, we have compiled information about the Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2022, including schedules, TV broadcasts, online broadcasts, results, and combinations.

This tournament isAs part of the 2024 Paris Olympics representative race, the Japanese national team will challenge with a strong lineup including six Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalists.

I hope that both men and women will win medals in all weight classes, not only in the lightweight class, but also in the heavyweight class!

In addition to the TV broadcast of the TV Tokyo affiliate, the tournament will also be broadcast online.

We will be updating this article with the results as they become available, so be sure to check back!

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