Judo champion Savita Russo

The Judo champion Savita Russo, representative of European value of the Koizumi Society of Scicli, won the “Salvatore Padua” Award of the Year 2022 edition. Her curriculum vitae unanimously convinced the members of the examining commission chaired by Adolfo Padua and composed by Salvatore Piazza (extraordinary commissioner Libero Consorzio Comunale Ragusa), Pina Distefano, Maria Monisteri, Sergio Cassisi, Alessandro Bracchitta, Claudio Alessandrello, Francesca Giucastro, Alfina Marino, Vito Veninata, Alessandro Bongiorno and Giuseppe La Lota. In the meetings of 21 October and 9 November, the Commission examined all the curricula of the athletes that were sent by the federations and clubs.

The young and promising athlete Mirko Campagnolo, shot put champion under the Asd Atletica Iblea Society of Acate, contends for the prize from Savita.

The Commission has also awarded plaques to various athletes who have distinguished themselves in their sporting disciplines.

The plaques went to Giorgia Piccione (Athletics), Francesco Spampinato (Fencing), Paolo Turlà (Billiards). A special plaque went to the Paralympic athlete Alessandra Spampinato (Judo).

The Csen trophy went to the athlete Matteo Iacono (Karate).

During the delivery ceremony which will take place at 5.30 pm on 19 December 2022, in the “Giovanni Molè” conference room of the Libero Municipal Consortium in viale del Fante, the Coni Merit Awards for the year 2020 will also be assigned.

A bronze star will go to the Society Ads Lenza Club Macrostigma Ragusa; a bronze medal will go to Francesco Iozia, Italian boxing champion.

During the proceedings, the journalist Gianni Molè, who died on 31 October 2020, who was a member of the Commission, and the journalist and national basketball referee Giorgio Antonelli who recently passed away were remembered. During the awards ceremony, a commemorative plaque will be given to Mrs. Carmela Campo, wife of the late Giorgio Antonelli.



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