JUDO: At Alliance Dojo 71, the Black Belts meet

25/11/2022 03:10

43 lectures


Saturday, after the little tigers tournament, the circle of black belts of AD 71 met for the first time this season
It’s been 2 seasons since AD ​​71 created this circle of black belts where judokas of all ages can meet and discuss around a common passion Judo and thus put the black belt and the practice of our discipline back at the center of the debate. quite simply .
To this end, 40 black belts from 16 to 90 years old were present on the Montchaninois tatami mats, on the program for the evening, a small, gentle practice adapted to all on the ground with a technical part and randoris for those who wished, session led by Maxim.

Mondo about Maxime’s trip to Japan where he was able to retrace this very beautiful adventure and give some precious indications on the practice of judo in the land of the rising sun.
To end this beautiful evening, a buffet dinner was offered by the club, which allows those present to continue to exchange and discuss.
All black belts who have been trained in the club are welcome, get closer to Gaby…



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