Judo Agonists Trophy – CSEN, great result for Judon Ippon Latina which wins 4 gold medals, one silver and one bronze

VELLETRI – Judo Ippon Latina participates and stands out in the Judo Agonists Trophy – CSEN held on Sunday 20 November at the Palasport Bandinelli in Velletri (Rm). The trophy organized by the Provincial Committee of Rome of the CSEN was attended by the athletes of the categories: Cadets aged 15-17; Juniors 18-20; Seniors 21-35; Masters over 35.

The Judo Ippon students demonstrated meeting after meeting that they had reached an excellent level of preparation, with great satisfaction of the entire technical team led by Maestro Sante Tamburro and assisted by teachers Roberto Malandruccolo, Andrea Piroli and Alessandro Tancini.

In fact, many Judo Ippon students climbed the podium and obtained the well-deserved medal:

1° Matteo Causio Junior 60kg,

1st Rachele Malandruccolo Cadet 63kg,

1st Christian Andrea Williot Cadet 66kg,

1° Maksym Zhuk Cadetto 73kg,

2nd Federico Franze’ Junior 60kg,

3rd Matteo Silvagni Cadet 73kg,

5th Lorenzo Quintina Cadet 60kg,

5th Daniel Sacchetti Junior 73kg.

Between now and the end of the year there are many judo-competitive stages still to be faced.

The Judo Ippon students whose technical preparation is practiced in the gyms of Latina Shibumi Dojo and Pontinia G.Verga, will have to continue to train hard to confront the world of judo and to always be able to obtain excellent results! is an independent newspaper that does not receive any public funding. If you like our work and want to help us in our mission, you can offer us a coffee by making a donation, we will be extremely grateful.



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