Judo – A Complex Sport With Millions of Practitioners


Originally developed as a martial arts combat system, Judo has become a global sport with millions of students and practitioners. In addition to being a sport, Judo is also an effective self-defense system. It teaches discipline, concentration, flexibility, and physical coordination. Judo also helps to develop moral values that can help individuals become active members of their communities.

Judo was developed in Japan by a Professor Jigoro Kano. He was born in 1860. His father was a sake brewer and believed that education was the key to personal growth. In 1882, Kano founded a training institute, the Kodokan Judo Institute. He based his system on modern sports principles and he also stressed scientific analysis, reasoning, and self-improvement.

Judo was originally known as jujutsu, which means the “art of softness”. Kano developed several styles of jujutsu during his youth, but he removed striking from his system. He also changed the training methods to create a decisive victory without injury. However, many techniques he had banned are still used in other martial arts.

In Judo, the main objective is to pin the opponent. It is also important to be able to throw the opponent cleanly. This can be done by executing a technique called kake. The kake is the final phase of a throw.

Judo is a complex sport. It requires intense physical training to master the techniques. Judo students are encouraged to learn and practice their techniques outside the dojo. This is done in a safe environment. Many judoka enjoy the sport for its social aspects. Others practice Judo for its fitness benefits. Judo is also practiced in colleges, junior high schools, high schools, and at various training centers around the world.

Judo is practiced in special mats made of foam or vinyl. These mats keep athletes safe during sparring and provide a soft surface. The uniform for judo is a loose jacket and trousers made of strong white cloth. The judoka wears a belt indicating his or her rank.

Judo is practiced in regional and national training centers. It is also practiced in local clubs and communities. In some countries, judo is also practiced as a recreational activity. In most countries, judo is taught as a part of the physical education system.

Judo has become an Olympic sport since 1964. It is an exciting sport and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world. It also helps to develop the skills, self-confidence, and respect for others. Judo is also a social activity that involves developing leadership and moral values. In a judo match, the competition zone is divided into a safety zone and a contest zone. The contest zone is a square area with sides ranging from 8 to 10 meters.

During a judo match, the referee will call a mate or a sonomama when an athlete falls to the ground. A judoka may also receive a penalty if he or she is inactive during the match. Typically, penalties will be given if an athlete uses an illegal technique or falls to the ground.