Juanfer Quintero receives harsh criticism from Jorge D’Alessandro of El Chiringuito | Colombians Abroad

The Argentine journalist Jorge D’Alessandro, from El Chiringuito, recalled the Copa Libertadores final that was played in Madrid, and spoke of the disappointment he felt when he saw Boca Juniors and River Plate. The former soccer player had no mercy on the Colombian midfielder Juan Fernando Quintero, whom he targeted with harsh criticism. What did she dislike?

“As an Argentine I was happy, but I didn’t like it,” he said about that Libertadores final in 2018, in which River Plate won 3-1. even with a goal from Juanfer. “We didn’t give a level image. It was second-level football,” he assured.

And about the Colombian ’10’ he went further and mentioned that “Quintero scored a goal… He’s a dwarf, a little guy like that, a Colombian who hits hard… Leave it to Quintero to go to Colombia, which did not even qualify for the World Cup. Where are we going with Quintero?” D’Alessandro said from behind the wheel of the tricolor.

The explosive comments of the Argentine from El Chiringuito, a renowned sports program in Spain, were replicated by important media such as Olé and TyC Sports, just when there is speculation about the departure of ’10’ for 2023. Juanfer himself has expressed his love for the cast millionaire, although the door is open for his departure.



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