Jorge Guerrero, new president of Aficionados Unidas: “I want to give more voice to the fan”

“The support and recognition I’ve gotten is incredible.” Jorge Guerrero is from this Sunday the new president of United Hobbies. The leader of the Federation of Peñas Sportinguistas goes on to lead a group that represents the supporters of Spanish football. The man from Gijón prevailed in the vote over Eduardo Fernández Robleda, leader of the International Union of Supporters Clubs of Atlético de Madrid. Guerrero obtained 24 votes, compared to 8 for his opponent. In total, 34 groups had the right to vote during an assembly held in the capital of Spain. “I want to give more voice to the fan. We have to be present in all levels of football, and the first objective is to also be present in the Sports Law,” said Guerrero, in conversation with LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, after being proclaimed as the new leader of United Hobbies.

“I appreciate the trust that so many people from different parts of Spain have placed in me,” said Guerrero, excited about the new challenge of representing all the supporters of Spanish football. He has achieved this by taking a large majority at the polls at a time when he considers that work must be done so that the followers are taken more into account by clubs and institutions.

“It cannot be that the teams change their shield without taking into account the voice of their fans or that we are left out of the football bodies. We are going to work on it and I think that the evolution that has been seen in the work that we have done in the Federation of Peñas Sportinguistas it has been taken into account so that in the future we can all evolve together”, highlighted the man from Gijón. In particular, he emphasizes the new Sports Law. “Two amendments have already been made that have gone from Congress to the Senate and now, back to Congress. We have to be there,” he said.



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