Jesi / Judo, Bitri Klajdi wins the Albanian Cup, his brother Zenel second

The athlete of the Judo Samurai, a club that has reached 40 years of activity, has won the gold medal in Tirana

JESI, November 9, 2022Bitri Klajdi athlete of the Judo Samurai Jesi club – Chiaravalle, with double Italy-Albania passport, he won the 2022 Albanian Cup.

Bitri Klajdi was awarded for ippon all three meetings climbing to the highest podium in his categoria i 66 kggiving international prestige at the jesino club which can now also boast international champions.

The result is not unexpected, in fact Bitri Klajdi had won in May 2022 the Albanian national championship.

To complete the day, extremely positive, also the result of his brother, Zenel Bitri arrived second in its 60 kg category.

The next appointment for the jesino club is i Italian Team Championships, scheduled in Rome on Saturday 19 November, where the Jesino club will present itself with a complete team made up of Clyde’s son 66 kg; Coppari Riccardo 73 kg; Sguerzi Yann 81kg; Clementi Edoardo 90 kg and Galbiati Luca +90 kg.

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