Jérémy Doku: ‘I want to set matches on fire and explode during this World Cup’

Selected for his first World Cup, Jérémy Dokubarely 20 years old, presented himself to the press this Sunday.

“I feel good, fit. I’m fit and happy to be here. I don’t have any specific exercise to do, just train well or stretch well. When you’re injured, you don’t know not always why. Mentally it was very difficult. I know I still have fire in my legs. It didn’t surprise me to be on a good level against Egypt, even if I didn’t only played ten minutes. I wanted to show that I was ready, that the coach made the right choice to select me,” he said.

“My injury? I know that my case is not so easy for the coach. It’s obvious that we get stressed when we know that a big competition is approaching. Five minutes or more, I have to set the fire. It’s my aim. I have an atypical profile, I must try to take advantage of it and use it. We are here to play. I enjoy every minute on the pitch. Football is fun. It makes me happy. I analyzed my old matches a lot during my injury. I grow, I learn. I’m starting to find the level I want to have, said the 20-year-old perennial from Rennes. “My game is explosive, so I’m more likely to get injured than others. But being stressed about getting hurt again is not the best way to play. If you think too much, the stress will always be present. If it has to happen, it will happen, that’s how it is. I learned running techniques, to stop less abruptly for example. If I run like crazy, I’ll get tired faster.”



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