Jalen Duren – LeBron James: the incredible clash of generations!

On November 18, 2003, a rookie phenomenon by the name of LeBron James was playing his 11th career game, fully participating in the Cavaliers’ home victory over the Clippers, compiling 14 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. Further east, on the same day, in a maternity ward in New Castle, Delaware, was born Jalen Duren.

Nineteen years later to the day, the second is an NBA rookie, with the Pistons, when the first is a league legend, who has won four titles and four MVP trophies, including the twilight of a huge career is undoubtedly approaching.

And as luck would have it, the Pistons are in Los Angeles to face the Lakers tonight. Jalen Duren should therefore face, for the first time in his career, LeBron James. The conditional is in order because the “King” has only played one of the last four games of the “Purple & Gold” because of a discomfort in the groin, but he could well be in uniform, according to his change of status on his club’s injury report.

A “LeBron” physique at 19

« It’s gonna be a surreal moment ” confides the young pivot of the Pistons, who in addition to being the youngest player in the entire league, is the only active player to be born after the professional debut of LeBron James. ” He’s been in the NBA longer than I’ve been alive. So in a way, sharing the floor with him is going to be legendary. »

Still a teenager by his age, Jalen Duren has everything of an adult, however, from a physical point of view. Measured at 2m10 for 113kg, he is clearly the rookie physically most impressive.

« It doesn’t look like he’s that young. He is built like an adult, a veteran. Physically, for his age, he is incredibly mature. explains his teammate Isaiah Stewart. ” He remains a kid. But as he behaves with an advanced maturity for his young age, we almost forget that he is so young Then adds his coach Dwane Casey. ” Their understanding of game concepts will improve over time. But his physique, size and athletic qualities are already transposing [en NBA]. »



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