J.5: Davinia Ángel, the first impulse of an Anagán El Olivar endorsed by his MVP

J.5: Davinia Ángel, the first impulse of an Anagán El Olivar endorsed by his MVP

At just 18 years old, the international center has increased her personal record with a second MVP, as if that were not enough. She has served Anagán El Olivar to add their first victory of the course. A player with a promising future ahead of her and who will be one of the interior players to take into account in a category in which she is growing by leaps and bounds.


Second MVP of the season in just five days for one of the players with the greatest projection in LF2. Because this weekend’s is by no means the first MVP of the course for a Davina Ángel who surprised already on the second day of competition and who has celebrated in style the first anniversary of her debut in the LF Endesa with the Campus Promise. This yes, in this occasion, with a second award that has been worth the first triumph of the course for an Anagán El Olivar that will continue working now on solid foundations.

All this after their victory against Promoviatges Cerdanyola in a match in which Davinia contributed 38 PIR goals in the 49 minutes she was on the court. Because the match was not resolved until the end of a third extension that set his personal highs in a total of 21 points (9/17 TL and 6/12 T2), 22 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 recoveries and 11 fouls received. Quite a triple double that represents the great statistical ceiling of her career after surpassing the +33 with which she signed her first MVP.

J.5: Anagán El Olivar vs Promoviatges Cerdanyola (71-67)

Link: match statistics

Statistics of the season – Davinia Angel:

Games played: 5
Minutes: 33.27
Points: 16.6
Rebounds: 13.4
Assists: 2.2
Recoveries: 2.4
Plugs: 0.4
Fouls received: 9.2
Valuation: 22.2

Sports career – Davinia Ángel:

Training: Women’s Sant Adrià
2020/21: Maresme Women (Women’s League 2)

2021/22: Campus Promete (LF Endesa)
2022/23: Anagán El Olivar (Women’s League 2)


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