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The second day of the fourth stage of the season valid for the Outdoor Archery World Cup 2022, currently underway in Medellin (Colombia). Day-2 reserved as usual for the ranking round of the Olympic arc, in which Italy did not particularly shine.

Positive performance in the women’s field for Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati (fresh from gold in field shooting at the World Games), respectively 14th and 18th with 654 and 648 points, while they struggled much more Tatiana Andreoli (52nd with 617) and Vanessa Landi (54th with 615). However, all four have passed the cut (at 64) and will take part in the direct individual clashes. South Korean hat-trick in command of the rankings with Olympic champion An San ahead of all at 677 points.

Ranking round below expectations on the men’s front for Mauro Nespoli, 17th with 669 points, still qualified for the main draw together with his compatriots Federico Musolesi (26th with 660) e David Pasqualucci (57th with 643). Eliminated Yuri Belli, only 70th with a score of 634. Also in this case it is South Korea who stands out with Kim Je Deok in the lead with 687 points ahead of teammate Kim Woojin with 684.

Archery, Medellin World Cup: excellent signs for Italy in team qualification

Unfortunately, the road to the podium in all the team trials was considerably complicated, due to the way the scoreboards materialized after the ranking round. Italy is in fact inserted in the fourth of South Korea both in the Mixed Team (Boari-Nespoli n.8 of the seeding) and in the two competitions reserved for trios.

In the meantime, both blue compound trios were eliminated before the semifinals, with the women’s team exiting the scene in the quarterfinals against South Korea for 230-234 and the men’s team settled in the round of 16 against Mexico for 226-233.

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