The young basketball player from Ramalhos will face today with the Argentine National Team the South American U-15 that will be played on the field of Obras Sanitarias, in the Federal Capital. “I tried to enjoy this experience from the beginning,” said the Defensores player. The albiceleste will debut tonight at 8:30 p.m. against Bolivia for Group B.

The “Colo” passed the two “cuts” that have occurred since training began in September.

From today until Sunday, the South American U-15 Basketball Championship will be held at Obras Sanitarias, in the Federal Capital, with Martin Torriani from Ramallas as one of the members of the Argentine national team.

This competition grants three places for next year’s FIBA ​​Americas Under-16 and Argentina will share Group B with Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay. Group A will be made up of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Colombia. After a group stage in a round-robin format, the best two from each zone will advance to the semifinals. The Argentine boys will debut against Bolivia today at 8:30 p.m. Tomorrow they will face Ecuador starting at 8:00 p.m. and will close the first stage against Uruguay on Friday at the same time. The semifinals are scheduled for Saturday and the final for Sunday.

Argentina will present a roster that includes six players over two meters and an average height of 1.96. And among them will be Torriani, current player of Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo, with whom he achieved the first title in Inferior in the history of the club within the San Nicolás Basketball Association and the two-time championship in the category in the CAB 1 Region , in addition to having been a finalist in the Federal Training League.

Torriani participated in the two rallies that the representative from Albiceleste carried out for this continental championship, of which he will finally be a part.

“It is something that one dreams of and being here and living it is something really beautiful,” said “Colo” (as he is nicknamed) in dialogue with the La Deportiva program on Radio U (89.9).

Then Martín recalled that at the age of 12 he decided to put football aside and lean towards basketball. “I’m a soccer fan, I started there first, but then I started basketball, I felt that it was a sport in which I could develop better and when I started high school I definitely turned to basketball,” he said.

At the same time, regarding the process that deposited him in the National Team, Torrianti indicated that the one carried out by him and his teammates “It was a long and intense preparation.” “I tried to enjoy this experience from the beginning. A nice group was formed, we got to know each other and there is a lot of camaraderie on and off the field, which is something that encourages the coaching staff”, he highlighted, telling in turn that individually he did “good things” and that for this reason he was “accepted ”. “Although I have a lot to learn and develop, training and playing with players over two meters tall is something new for me,” said the 1.89-tall basketball player.

Later, Torriani referred to the idea that Argentina will try to carry out in the contest. In this regard, he commented: “We have a style of play in which we do not depend on a single player and I like that and I feel comfortable, because it is the basketball that we have been playing in Defensores.” “We have players with a lot of goals and if we can create favorable game situations it will be very good for the team. You have to see how the matches take place and try to find the advantages depending on the moments of the game, ”he analyzed.

Along with Torriani, the National Team is made up of Juan Pablo Arias (Argentino from Junín), Máximo Benavidez (Parque Sur from Entre Ríos), Camilo Bonino (Sportivo Realicó from La Pampa), Santaigo Cabodevilla (Independiente from Pico), Fidel Cifuentes Rotta (Monte Grande ), Gino Ciorciari (Casademont Zaragoza from Spain), Matías Dominé (Quilmes from Mar del Plata), Santiago Guasco Pasquini (El Bolsón Municipal School), Máximo Liscovsky (Cipolletti from Río Negro), Felipe Minzer (Santa Paula de Gálvez), Iván Prato (Unión Central de Villa María), Joaquín Sarmiento Battistoni (Atenas de Córdoba), Gino Taverna (Racing de Chivilcoy) and Tomás Scola Rochetti, the son of Luis Scola (Varese of Italy).

All matches can be watched for free through BasketballPass and the official FIBA ​​channel on YouTube.



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